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Curation (management) of ebooks -infographic

We have produced an ebook ‘curation’ infographic (Curation_ebooks_Final_Nov2012 ) to summarise the key themes in the management of ebooks in academic institutions. Further infographics, for our other themes -‘creation’ and ‘consumption’, are in production. This infographics don’t stand alone. The infographics will lead the user to the project web site (via the QR code). They […]

Curation/management of ebooks seminar

We held the second seminar with our project stakeholders on Friday 9th November 2012. We reviewed the preliminary project outputs in terms of the curation’ theme. (1) We   discussed the first draft of our curation ‘infographic’ which you can also see on the outputs page of this website. This will be modified in light of […]

ebook curation/management

Throughout October we have been undertaking interviews  that cover the three key themes of the project. The curation theme has been subject of priority focus.  Sitting as it does between ‘creation’ and ‘consumption’ it is also helping inform those themes. Our next workshop on 9th November 2012 (at JISC collections in London)  will focus on […]