Curation (management) of ebooks -infographic

We have produced an ebook ‘curation’ infographic (Curation_ebooks_Final_Nov2012 ) to summarise the key themes in the management of ebooks in academic institutions. Further infographics, for our other themes -‘creation’ and ‘consumption’, are in production.

This infographics don’t stand alone. The infographics will lead the user to the project web site (via the QR code). They will see a page for each theme. Clicking on that page link reveals the infographic along the right hand side of the page and the headings (the same ones as used in the infographic) along the left. A click on any left hand heading link will enable the user to drill down into that particular¬† issue and see supporting text (from the project case studies and the recent JiscTechWatch ebook report for example). To see how it all fits together check out what we have done for the ‘curation’ theme

The overall aim is to help institutional managers navigate the issues. The infographic provides an attractive and easily digestible overview which is supported by links to some more in depth material.


Ken Chad


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