ebook curation/management

Throughout October we have been undertaking interviews  that cover the three key themes of the project. The curation theme has been subject of priority focus.  Sitting as it does between ‘creation’ and ‘consumption’ it is also helping inform those themes.

Our next workshop on 9th November 2012 (at JISC collections in London)  will focus on reviewing (challenge and validation) these preliminary curation/management of ebooks outputs. The project stakeholders will look at  the case studies we are creating from work we have done at the universities of Hertfordshire and York. The case studies are undergoing a final review by members of  staff at the universities prior to us making them public on this website.

The case studies are  key resources in developing the outputs we are developing for institutional managers. The aim is to provide something that will enable such a mangers get a key grasp of the essentials. At the moment we are looking to see how the information maps to an infographic. We aim to have a preliminary curation output available at the workshop. You’ll get some idea of what the keys pieces of the jigsaw are from the follow very rough and ready  ‘The ebooks curation puzzle

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