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Our workshop on Tuesday (21st August) went well and in only two hours we were able to pull together a lot of useful material from our stakeholders. A couple have blogged about the event already and mentioned the  ‘jobs-to-be-done‘ approach we are using to explore user ‘needs’. Suzanne Hardy from the School of Medical Sciences Education Development, Newcastle University (and with her PublisherOER  hat on) gives a brief overview in her blog post. Phil Barker’s (CETIS) blog post provides  more detail including some useful thoughts on the nature of ebooks.

The first part of the workshop was an open discussion/brainstorm on  issues and trends guided initially by the key project themes of creation curation and consumption. Of course  these are interconnected: how users ‘consume’ material leads right back to how it is created. Carol and I are in the process of synthesising the outputs. The wordcloud  (below) created from the unedited notes gives a flavour:- (Ken Chad)


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