First stakeholder workshop

We will hold our first stakeholder workshop on Tuesday 21st August. We have assembled a diverse group of stakeholders from institutions across the UK. They have a range of responsibilities and interests around the creation, curation and consumption of ebooks.

Our workshop focus will be to help  identify and document relevant trends/issues. I also hope to spend a little  time with a methodology I have used before – ‘jobs-to-be-done’.  This helps in the analysis of what problem users are trying to solve for which ebooks are (or might be) the solution.

It still early days so our wiki pages that represent the  strands in the project are still a bit sparse. We’d certainly appreciate any suggestions we get. At this stage it would be helpful to get suggestions for significant  resources that might help. This might be articles, blog posts, projects etc. We’d also value input on what people see as the key trends and issues. We can then use this input in our workshop.



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