The challenge of ebooks in academic institutions.

Creation, Curation and Consumption

This project  was established to  develop a Digital Infrastructure Directions guidance  for institutions on meeting the challenge of ebooks. It is a collaboration between JISC Innovation, JISC Collections, JISC Digital Media. The project was managed by Ken Chad Consulting Ltd.  The project ran until early 2013. A summary report is available

This project builds on  the wide ebook expertise and experience of Jisc and Jisc Collections. The project outputs are centred on delivering  guidance on the challenge of ebooks in academic institutions. The guidance was co-designed with experts in the sector (including the project team and our formal ‘stakeholders‘). Our audience is institutional managers. Outputs  are available on the outputs page of this website and follow the blog.  The project guiding themes are the (institutional) creation, curation and consumption of ebooks.

The project took  a Higher Education institution standpoint that is inclusive and not limited, for example, to the library or to teaching and learning.

The aim is to help orientate senior institutional managers and support institutions in the effective adoption and deployment of ebooks and ebook technology. As a consequence the project helps to support the wider ambition to enable  improvements in the quality and impact of teaching, learning and research and meet rising staff and student expectations.