The nature of the output

The project developed outputs tosupport institutions in developing their own solutions for exploiting ebooks in teaching, learning and research. The precise nature of the output was informed by and co-developed with stakeholders in workshops and online discussion and comment.For each of the three project themes Creation, Curation (management) and consumption there is mix of outputs including:


A summary report is available that provides an overview of the project, the issues and recommendations.


Infographics provide an overview of the issues. Each infographic is linked to the website by a QR code

Web  pages on the key themes

Specific Creation, Curation and Consumption web pages  to enable more detailed exploration of themes outlined in the infographic. Each heading (theme) is supported by references to supporting content

Case studies and interviews

Case studies and other material (e.g. presentations and documents)  explore the issues in more detail

Relevant resources

A tagged list of relevant resources  provides supplementary reading for anyone interested in ebooks in academic institutions