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Key COLLECTIONS themes: (from infographic)

  • Ebook platform providers
  • Prepackaged collections
  • Build your own collection

References to support themes


From: JISC TechWatch: Preparing for Effective Adoption and Use of Ebooks in Education,
November 2012.
[page 28]

‘One of the simplest ways of bringing ebooks into the library is through the purchase of a previously collated collection.’

Ebook platform providers

From the University of Hertfordshire ebook curation case study
The University also subscribes to ebook collections. In most cases these comprise titles that are not available individually through the EBL and Dawson platforms. The acquisition decisions for these collections are based on a robust business case for each including criteria relating to the relevance of materials to current courses and value for money considerations.
Therefore these collections will tend to have a strong subject focus. Collections currently licensed include:

  • Safari technical books online (computer and business studies—about 4K -5k titles)
  • BizEd from Cengage (core business and management books –small collection of about 50
  • Oxford handbooks online ( subset covering business and management )
  • EEBO

Marc records for collections are loaded into the library catalogue where the records are provided at no extra cost as part of the package. Where collections charge extra for MARC records, these Marc records may not be taken and loaded into the catalogue, but access provided through subject ‘toolkits’ on StudyNet [the VLE ]with just a collection level record on Voyager [the library management System] as an asset record.

From the University of Newcastle ebook curation case study

Ebooks are bought in variety of models:

  • Publisher collections – Springer ebooks, RSC ebooks ORO Oxford language dictionaries
  • Individual title level through – Taylor & Francis, OECD statistics, Safari books
  • Aggregator collections – via Ovid, DawsonEra
  • PDA via EBL
  • anything the library can source that will fit specific requirements

Prepackaged collections

Build your own collection

From the University of York ebook curation case study

Some publishers offer a ‘build your own collection’ approach (e.g. Palgrave which is strong in social sciences).They require that the library commits a minimum spend (from c £3K). The librarians can then access the publisher portal and pick the (e.g. politics) titles required. It is analogous to the way librarians and academics selected from a printed publisher catalogue. The selected titles go through the acquisition process as a collection order record and MARC records are loaded into the catalogue. However there is no integration with the library catalogue at the selection stage to show what titles may already be in stock. So workflows are not yet optimal.