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Key AVAILABILITY themes: (from infographic)

  • [availability] for high demand titles

References to support themes


From: JISC TechWatch: Preparing for Effective Adoption and Use of Ebooks in Education,
November 2012.
[page 26-27]

‘When there is a single print copy of a book in the library, access will be restricted to those who reach the book first and, once issued to a reader, others will have to wait for it to be returned. It is possible to add extra copies or designate the book reference-only. Even with a reference-only copy, however, the book will only be accessible to those learners who can physically reach the library.

Providing an ebook copy ensures that access is possible even for those students who find it difficult or impossible to travel to the library.’

‘Providing access to ebooks in a classroom or seminar environment can bring directly into the classroom resources that previously would be restricted to the physical library. Within classroom activities the role of the book is often restricted to the core textbook for the course. It would be entirely possible for learners to be provided with complete access to the reading list for a course were they able to access the books from that list as ebooks during an actual lesson. Having access within seminars will allow learners to find a particular reference or contextualise an argument or point during a group discussion.’