Workshops/seminars with our project stakeholders were  used  to test, validate and expand the issues identified from work,

Workshop: 21st August 2012

The aims of this half day  event were to:

  1. Help identify/validate the issues of concern .
  2. Help with the analysis of the ‘jobs’ (in the sense of the ‘jobs-to-be-done’ methodology) that individuals (students, academics, researchers etc) do for which ebooks may be (potentially) the solution.

Seminar : 9th November 2012

This seminar reviewed the preliminary ‘curation/ outputs–the case studies produced to date and the draft infographic. The notes from the seminar are available

Workshop: 27th February 2013

The final stakeholder meeting took place on Wednesday 27th February in London. The focus was to review the outputs for the two remaining themes—‘creation’ and ‘consumption’ The notes from the workshop are available